2022 Finalists

2022 Yes And... Laughter Lab Showcase Performers

Cancer Culture #

Becky Braunstein & Brianna Barrett

Cancer Culture is a half hour scripted comedy series based on the real experiences of comedian/actor/writer Becky Braunstein and writer Brianna Barrett, who met in a cancer support group during treatment. In the series, an aspiring comedian faces the possibility of losing her voice forever when she is diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and seeking community in a new city, finds unexpected friends and new challenges in an activity-oriented young adult cancer survivor support group.

Capitan Churro #

Mario Garza & Alexander Cuervo

After being told he’ll never play a superhero on the big screen, a young, delicious churro decides to break stereotypes and fight crime to prove churros can also be superheroes.

Crips #

Brian Koukol

When a severely disabled man discovers that his long-term girlfriend and caregiver has been cheating on him, he must decide where to draw the line in this comedic tale of life and love and progressive neuromuscular disease set in the un-accommodating world of suburban Los Angeles.

Downshift #

Christine Hoang

Downshift is a half-hour comedy series centered on Theresa Ho, a Vietnamese American widow, single mom, dutiful daughter, and stressed-out lawyer who leaves her white-collar career to downshift to a blue-collar job as a yellow school bus driver.

Elhottie: An Alabama Scorcher #

Yasmin Elhady

Elhottie: An Alabama Scorcher is a stand up comedy special exploring the life of a Muslim woman growing up in the Deep South.

Herma-NO #

Milly Tamarez

Herma-NO is a half-hour comedy about when polar opposite, adult siblings Elisa and Jorje are forced to be roommates they have to learn the lessons of growing while unlearning the toxic machismo they were raised in.

Lizzy, Gary, Bebe & Trish - Que?! - The Animated Series #

Jezabel Montero

Four friends, from different ethnic/cultural backgrounds, each representing a letter in rainbow acronym, share their lives in NYC while navigating their careers, sex lives and most challenging, their quirky families.

Rape Victims Are Horny Too #

Dylan Adler & Kelly Bachman

Rape Victims Are Horny Too is an hour musical comedy duo about healing from rape trauma. Kelly Bachman and Dylan Adler are rape survivors but they’re also HORNY, and they invite audiences of survivors and allies to laugh and even sing along with them. They hope to make survivors feel less alone through laughter and music.

Staying On The Right Side Of Sanity, Diary Of A Dirt Road Diva! #

Belynda Cleare & Maureen Ferguson

A comedic performance of pain and purpose, a true coming of age story of young girls experience with adversity, abuse, discrimination, trauma, stress and depression. Learning to overcome the obstacles by using humor as a coping mechanism.

Sun Don't Pay #

Hakim Hill

After accumulating tons of debt from an unexpected liver lobectomy, a poor and timid clothing store worker starts selling T-shirts with a logo accidentally made from his wound imprint leading to a clothing design business.

The Cleave #

Caitlin Barlow & Kathryn Renée Thomas

The Cleave is a satirical blog and digital series that explores the insidious ways society lauds mothers as “superheroes” and “saints,” yet denies them any substantive resources. It’s an online space for women who just can’t even with saccharine mommy blogs, manipulative momfluencers and “Is it wine-o’clock yet?” memes.

Uncle Sam's Misguided Children #

Luke Muyskens

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is a half-hour mockumentary sitcom following a small anti-government militia of misfit amateurs with varying ideologies in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the hapless feds trying to take them down.

2022 Yes And... Laughter Lab Finalists

Bill from Indiana #

Casey Rand & Sasha Stewart

In this half-hour, satirical workplace comedy, an extraterrestrial poses as an oil worker to get the skinny on Earth’s natural resources and quickly discovers that humans are killing the planet and everything on it. Now he must choose whether to fight for the humans he’s grown to love, or kill them all and steal their planet.

How to L0ve #

Robert Cunningham

A group of teenagers reunite to work as ball people at their communityʼs local tennis tournament.

I Did Something In Palestine #

Shatha Yas

I Did Something In Palestine is a live solo show about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through Palestinian comedian Shatha Yas’s curious 8 year-old eyes. Her story navigates the funny, awkward, ridiculous, scary, and routine parts of war. Laughs galore with a pinch of trauma!

Old Friends #

Geri Cole & Serena da Conceição

Old Friends is about making new friends with old people. Like really old. It’s a weekly podcast showcasing the wisdom (and fails) of sassy people over seventy. Think Old Gays on YouTube meets Humans of New York. Like, what are old people even doing anyway? We need to know more about it.

Old Queens #

Reid Pope

Old Queens is a mockumentary sitcom that follows Ric, Ben, Lisa, Melinda, and Lil’ Frankie, a group of rowdy 70-year-olds at The Queens Center For Queer Seniors. Every week, they pull pranks and pester their 25-year-old program director, Kara (who is desperately trying to help them make the most of the final years of their very gay lives).

Planet Dearborn #

Majdy Fares

Planet Dearborn is a hilarious modern love story from the heart of Arab America.

Stefan #

Ana-Marija Stojic

Stefan is a dark comedy about a 19-year-old incel and his overachieving sister, Dawn. Stefan’s character is played in drag by a woman to highlight the satire in the show (think the use of drag in the TV show Chad except with a darker twist).

The Desi Diamond #

Ali-Asghar Abedi

When UK-India trade talks stall over India’s demands for Britain to return famed Kohinoor diamond, an Indian billionaire decides to sponsor a group of plucky East Londoners to steal the diamond from Britain’s Crown Jewels.

The Jersey Devil is a Papi Chulo #

Iraisa Ann Reilly

Five American-Latina friends embark on a camping trip for the bachelorette party that should have been when they encounter two white “papi chulos” (‘hotties’) who are doing this camping thing right: with running water. The boys hatch a plan to decide which of the femme-fatales they will save from deportation through marriage, but can they save the ladies from the Jersey Devil?