2019 Winners

2019 Laughter Lab Winners

Average Women with Average Rage

Negin Farsad, Ophira Eisenberg, Leah Bonnema
Three of New York City’s best comics (their therapists told them to say that) blend personal stories with political commentary as they attempt to dismantle the patriarchy in one 90 minute show. Negin Farsad, Leah Bonnema and Ophira Eisenberg combine forces to bring you a spirited, frank, and funny standup show, infused with a comfortable amount of rage.

Los Blancos

Gabe Gonzalez, Marcos Gonzalez
Los Blancos is a half hour narrative comedy series that follows the Blancos, one of the richest and whitest Latino families in Miami. Scared they’ll lose their social standing after the family business begins to falter, the family turns to the one thing that will save them: Politics. Co-created by Gabe and Marcos Gonzalez.

Nice Tan

Carla Lee
Nice Tan is a WOC/QPOC-led sketch comedy project about life and identity in a world that’s not as “woke” as it thinks it is. Our mission is to feature underrepresented perspectives in sketch comedy and skewer the various identities we inhabit in a pointed, irreverent, and hilarious way.

Going Native

Joey Clift
Going Native is a series of comedic, animated PSAs, that shine a satirical light on some of the weird microaggressions people make toward Native Americans. Think of it as a non-musical Schoolhouse Rock! meets Key and Peele, with a Native twist.

Murf Meyer is Self Medicated

Murf Meyer
Murf is a former heroin addict and current alcoholic with twenty-five years of experience (ab)using substances. Please join this folksy degenerate for an evening of thematic storytelling where he’ll share some of his most amusing, drug-fueled lowlights with you.


Mamoudou N’Diaye
For years, we were enamored with the Peanuts gang; Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Sally, Pigpen, Schroeder, and Peppermint Patty. Now, after years away from the rest of the gang, Franklin, the only Black kid in town, returns home with axes to grind and hatchets to bury.

2019 Laughter Lab Finalists

Niles Abston – Planet Blak
Erick Acuna – Acuna Acuna: A Latinx Journey in the US
Jeff Ayars – Gold Boy
Madalyn Baldanzi – Diversified
Jessica Brunetto – Sisters
Ernie Bustamante – The Latino Vote
Nick Chambers – Grown
Ethan David – The Relief Effort
Ayanna Dookie – Who Does the Baby’s Hair?
Timothy Dunn – Queerball
Bradley Einstein – Treehuggers
Molly Gaebe – Darling
Jenny Gorelick – Her-icane: All Women+Stand Up Comedy for Disaster Relief
Josh Healey – The North Pole: Loyal to the Soil
Tarik Jackson – Bushbaby
Mohamed Kheir – Mohamed’s Green Card Special
Mark Lichtenstein – So Much Winning
Rachel Mac – It’s Getting Hot In Here
Fawzia Mirza – Mexistani
Drew Morgan – Held in Contempt
Eddie Mujica – Cuban Pete
Noa Osheroff – Speak American
Nikki Palumbo – Mad Gen
Lindsey Hope Pearlman – Winning the Future
Matt Porter – Pod Shaped Hole
Lauren Rantala – Witch Hunt
Dallas Rico – Marred
Zoe Samuel – Displaced
Karen Sepulveda – Bodegaverse
Nathaniel Kweku – Growing up Immigrant
Milly Tamarez – Flexx
Gregory Tindale – White Privilege Black Power
Shanrah Wakefield – Hot Hot Diplomacy
Kristina Wong – Kristina Wong for Public Office

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