2020 Winners

2020 Yes And... Laughter Lab Winners

Muslim Girls DTF: Discuss Their Faith

Aizzah Fatima & Atheer Yacoub

MUSLIM GIRLS DTF: DISCUSS THEIR FAITH is a 30 minute comedy tv show with sketches and talking heads written and performed by an all Muslim female cast about topics that plague Muslim women today like sex, dating, body hair, and pork.

Twitter, Instagram: @aizzahfatima
Twitter, Instagram: @atheeryacoub
Instagram: @MuslimGirlsDTF


Emma Ramos

HANGRY is a half-hour single-camera comedy show about American LatinX 14-year-old girl named Hangry who, facing pressure from her family and church to be skinny, straight and smiling, refuses to play along with their norms. On top of that, she also seeks to completely destroy their authority and liberate all teens whether they want it or not. Feels like Welcome to the Dollhouse meets Chewing Gum.

Instagram: @iamemmaramos


Fawzia Mirza

ZENITH is a scripted, feature-length, narrative comedic film. It’s Zenith’s 33rd birthday and she’s running for Alderman in her Chicago neighborhood under the slogan “A Mexican for Mexicans”; but she has to reconcile she may not be as Mexican as she thinks, in fact, she may be 100%… Pakistani.

Instagram, Twitter: @thefawz

The Designing Women Monologues

Jeff Hiller

THE DESIGNING WOMEN MONOLOGUES is an hour long stand-up show looking at gender roles of today through the lens of a feminist sitcom from the past.

Let’s Get Physical

Keisha Zollar & Sasha Stewart

LET’S GET PHYSICAL is a comedic women’s health docuseries, where our host, Keisha Zollar, utilizes humor, patient testimonials, and medical experts to debunk the myths and misogyny around women’s bodies. Like, “We don’t glow, we sweat.” Now tell us why we sweat so much under our boobs.

Instagram, Twitter: @Sasha7Seven, @ArtfulStew
Instagram, Twitter: @keishazollar, @keishaz


Lorena Russi

HILO is a high-concept, action-packed dramedy series. After being kicked out of home, a Queer Latinx, Hilo, outcast joins an underground soccer league, catapulting herself into dirty money, lust, and violent rivalries.  

Instagram, Twitter: @colonialmanface

Everybody Screams At Me

Marie Cheng

An overzealous horror movie monster and an uptight 35-year-old Southern belle must overcome their differences to survive college life in this half-hour adult-animated odd couple comedy.

Instagram, Twitter: @mariewcheng



Molly Gaebe & Sally Rashid

DARLING is a dark comedy series about the last remaining abortion clinic in the fictional town of Darling.

Instagram, Twitter: @MollyGaebe
Instagram, Twitter: @sally.whoever, @rashid_sally

Apartment of Solitude

Niles Abston & Chaz Carter

Apartment of Solitude is an adult animated series that follows Niles and Chaz, two broke Black dudes who also happen to be the dopest superhero crime fighting duo in Los Angeles living below the poverty line. This isn’t your ordinary superhero duo because just like 40% of marriages in Atlanta, one’s straight and one’s gay.

Twitter: @NILES100
Twitter: @SCarter724

Coexistence My Ass

Noam Shuster Eliassi

Coexistence My Ass is a solo comedy show in development written by and starring Noam Shuster Eliassi about her life and experiences working and living within Israel/Palestine. Coexistence My Ass addresses the messiness of complex identities, using the power of laughter to interrogate a charged conflict, challenge societal narratives, and build peace.

Instagram: @noam_joon
Twitter: @shusternoam
Facebook: @therealnoamshuster

Lit Lounge

Thaddeus McCants

A 30-Min single camera workplace comedy about marijuana’s journey from disproportionately policed Schedule-I street drug to White corporate wonder crop. Marijuana just became legal and Reggie Evans was just released from jail for selling while it wasn’t; seeing no POC in the marijuana industry, Reggie decides to use his illegal knowledge to build a legal dispensary: the LIT LOUNGE. AKA Weed: F.U.B.U.

Instagram: @Sugarthaddy
Twitter: @ThaddeusMcCan

2020 Yes And... Laughter Lab Finalists

Ali Abbas & Iman Saleh (Not For Profit)
Carolyn Pierre-Outlar, Jowanda Durham, & Steven Williams (Rhonda Mitchell MD)
Darren Williams & Kenan Weaver (Little Red)
Katie Hannigan, Kenice Mobley, & Jaffer Khan
 (Moments in Time)
Katie Pecho & Moira Begale (Discomfortable)
Kristina Wong & Jenessa Joffe (Radical Cram School)
Kylie Holloway & Molly Gaebe (Nevertheless She Existed)
Nathaniel Kweku & Daniel Trujillo (Growing Up Immigrant)
Nicole Pasquale (Amp: A Mind-Opening Variety Show)