A new initiative seeking to help build and support
collaboration between comedy people and social justice people.

Comedy can change the world. It points out the absurdity of bigotry and makes hard truths easier to hear. Comedy exposes hypocrisy, challenges the status quo and stigmatizes bad behavior. It opens our eyes to other perspectives and experiences. Comedy serves as a form of catharsis and social critique; it opens the door to talking about taboo experiences; it normalizes groups and individuals too often portrayed as “the other.”

Yes, And...Laughter Lab seeks to start cross-sector collaborative relationships between the comedy and social justice sectors, on the way to supporting the production and distribution of new comedy work that can reframe the conversations about and encourage public engagement with the most pressing issues of today.

In its first year, Yes, And...Laughter Lab will support six incredible original comedy projects that marry quality (great, entertaining comedy) and social impact (fostering public engagement with social problems to pitch their projects at the inaugural convening in New York City on June 10, 2019.


Average Women with Average Rage: Negin Farsad, Ophira Eisenberg, Leah Bonnema

Los Blancos: Gabe Gonzalez, Marcos Gonzalez

Nice Tan: Carla Lee (EP, Head Writer)

Going Native: Joey Clift

Murf Meyer is Self Medicated: Murf Meyer

Franklin: Mamoudou N'Diaye


Niles Abston - Planet Blak
Erick Acuna - Acuna Acuna: A Latinx Journey in the US
Jeff AyArs - Gold Boy
Madalyn Baldanzi - Diversified
Jessica Brunetto - Sisters
Ernie Bustamante - The Latino Vote
Nick Chambers - Grown
Ethan David - The Relief Effort
Ayanna Dookie - Who Does the Baby’s Hair?
Timothy Dunn - Queerball
Bradley Einstein - Treehuggers
Molly Gaebe - Darling
Jenny Gorelick - Her-icane: All Women+Stand Up Comedy for Disaster Relief
Josh Healey - The North Pole: Loyal to the Soil
Tarik Jackson - Bushbaby
MohamEd Kheir - Mohamed’s Green Card Special
Mark Lichtenstein - So Much Winning

Rachel Mac - It’s Getting Hot In Here
FawziA Mirza - Mexistani
Drew Morgan - Held in Contempt
Eddie Mujica - Cuban Pete
Noa Osheroff - Speak American
Nikki Palumbo - Mad Gen
Lindsey Hope Pearlman - Winning the Future
Matt Porter - Pod Shaped Hole
Lauren Rantala - Witch Hunt
Dallas Rico - Marred
Zoe Samuel - Displaced
Karen Sepulveda - Bodegaverse
Nathaniel Simons - Growing up Immigrant
Milly Tamarez - Flexx
Gregory Tindale - White Privilege Black Power
Shanrah Wakefield - Hot Hot Diplomacy
Kristina Wong - Kristina Wong for Public Office

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